Monday, August 12, 2013

StreetParade 2013

Last Weekend the biggest techno party in the world just danced by zurich the 22nd time! Street Parade is t-h-e must to be party for every techno music fan! But it`s not only for techno lovers, it`s also an openair party where you can dress as you want, you can move as you want and having a great time.
The motto of this years parade was «dance for freedom» and over 950`000 people from all over the world came together and celebrated the biggest techno party. The parade started with the first lovemobile  at 1pm and ended around midnight. For those who didn`t have enough(!) there were great after partys with great djs like bob sinclar, deniz koyu, luciano, nervo, borgore and many more.
Borgore was the reason that I ended up my party night at the club komplex 457 in zurich.
Here you can see some impressions of the parade, and also a magnificent helicopter view. Update what I wore will follow....

Gectimiz hafta sonu dünyanin en büyük tekno partisi 22`i kez Zürih`de gerceklesti. Street Parade adli festival tekno müzik sevenler icin kacirilmicak bir parti. Ama sadece tekno müzik sevenler icin bir parti degil, festivalde istediginiz sekilde giyinip, istediginiz sekilde harek edebilirsiniz. Ama en önemlisi harika bir zaman gecirmeniz!
Bu senenin konsepti «dance for freedom» olark lanze edildi ve 950`000 kisi bütün dünyadan bir araya gelip en büyük tekno partisini kutlandilar. Festival ögle 1 sularinda ilk lovemobile ile baslayip geceyarisina kadar sürdü. Ve yorulmayanlar icin festival sonrasi büyük sayida after partileri vardi. Bu after partilerdeki dj`lerin arasinda olanlar bob sinclar, deniz koyu, luciano, nervo ve borgore.
Borgore benim gecemin Komplex 457 clubunda bitirmeme sebeb oldu. 
Buyrun bazi cekilmis fotoraflar ve harika bir helikopter bakisiyi. Ve benim ne giydimi merak edenler icin yakinda yeni bir post hasirlicam. 

great place to enjoy the party

there`s gonna be a update of my choice of clothes for the parade, I promise!

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